This video was shot to be played at my wedding reception. The idea of playing & singing on a street and shooting it with one take was borrowed from​recandplay.

The song is “Wonderful God” by Paul Baloche.
Was shot by our assistant videographer Andy Kim in Old Town Pasadena at the intersection of S Colorado Blvd and S De Lacey Ave.


12/24/2009: Sean proposes to his girlfriend.

Except for the 1st shot, photos for timelapse were being shot NOT to make a good shot out of it, but to allow me to spend time with my girlfriend. As seen on the 4th shot, although she didn’t realize, we weren’t freezing our butts off just to wait for 30-min shooting to finish, but it was being shot to capture this one moment. This time, we weren’t waiting for 7D to do its work, but 7D was waiting for us. Of course, she did not know.

We were writing down things happened in 2009 on one column, and the things we expect to happen in 2010 on the other. I wrote down “getting married” on 2010 column, then asked her. (Details left out on purpose)
You will be able to see things happening at 0:55 on the video.

Canon EOS 7D
Canon EF-S 18-135mm (1st shot only)
Sigma 10mm F2.8 Fisheye

1st shot: East Lake on Village Center Dr., Yorba Linda, CA
Rest: Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, CA

Finally got our own Canon EOS 7D, thanks to guys at Service Photo Supply.  We originally pre-ordered ours at and Adorama, but found out about Service Photo and canceled pre-orders.  They’re still showing it as unavailable as of today 10/20/09. (We ordered ours through Service Photo on 10/8/09 and received it on 10/15/09)

Used for a wedding shoot for the first time on 10/18/09, and i was constantly shouting “wow” to myself.  The picture quality is just amazing.  I Can’t wait to post a completed video with the footages.

Here’s a photo of our EOS 7D with Rode Videomic attached. (photo taken with iPhone)

Canon EOS 7D

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